Fortunately, she doesn really like some of the hoochie mama

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NOW HERE!! Is a freaking good idea for reward reworks finally!!!! Kudos OP! Everyone complains (rightly; somewhat) about legendary drop rates and SC tried to avoid that with the “luck system”. Every “reward rework” I’ve seen proposed has had no sense of balance to it and often comes off as either whining or just asking for way too much. It’s a f2p game, quit looking a gift horse in the mouth.Look at any fighting game for example.

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Fundraising: No fundraising, please. This includes both asking and offering assistance. We even have an old school doctor who makes a terribly inappropriate joke about it with patients he close with. I just do not feel they should be rated against each other as they all are TOP TIER television amongst their genres. Downvote me if you must, it’s just my opinion. Sure they have shows similar to, if you do a search it will say WIRE, Dexter, SOA, OZ, Ray Donovan, Better Caul Saul, Turned, etc.

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He always been a conspiracy theorist but it took a real fringe personality to go along with it. Now you have mainstream Republicans spouting the exact same rhetoric of America being under attack by illegals, of secret government organizations, and all such bullshit. I’ve been on it for two months, all the way up to 70mg now and I have virtually no effects cheap canada goose china from it.

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I do speech when the state changes

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